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Dirt + New Prototype + On-Target™ = Remote Results FAST.

OCT 10TH, 2018

Access Sensor Technologies has built functional prototypes of a tool that can extract heavy metals from soil samples in the field. These extracts can then be analyzed using our On-Target™ technology. We are currently field testing these prototypes in the mountains of Southern Colorado. For more info, contact us at

Mark Schleiger  PMI Mile High Professional Development Workshop.jpg

Workshop with the CEO

OCT 4TH, 2018

Mark Schleiger, CEO at Access Sensor Technologies, spoke at a professional development workshop last weekend at the Ranch. Mark shared some of his tools and concepts on how to create a successful startup based on his extensive experience. Thank you PMI Mile Hi Chapter for hosting this great event! More info can be found at

YouTube Update

OCT 2ND, 2018

Check out the latest YouTube video from Access Sensor Technologies on how to clean UPAS cartridges:

Our team strives to always put our customers first, so please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our products.

UPAS Winter picture.png

Winter Air Dangers

October 1ST, 2018

Did you know that PM2.5 levels are generally higher during the winter months? Stay educated on the air that you are breathing this winter with the UPAS.

20180928 On-Target Fluorescent Friday Access Sensor Tech.png

What the eye doesn’t see

September 28TH, 2018

Invisible fluorescent Ink is handy for leaving secret messages or combating counterfeit money. At Access Sensor Technologies, we use custom invisible inks for QC and tracking purposes of our On-Target™ technology. Happy #FluorescenceFriday!


Simple air pollutant testing

September 26TH, 2018

Testing for air pollutants? Check out our UPAS device! It’s a modern, lightweight, quiet, and reliable unit anyone can wear.


Soil Sampling

September 25TH, 2018

Are you using cutting-edge and effective tools in your sensing work? Learn more about how your job can be easier and safer with help from Access Sensor Technologies:


Save money with on-target

September 24th, 2018

How much money would you save if you could eliminate 3rd party laboratory testing from your business’s workflows? Call us to learn how On-Target™ water testing tech can dramatically reduce your testing expenses.

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What are your needs?

September 21ST, 2018

Our team’s agile development practices allow us to determine feasibility, prototype, test, and deploy new water tests extremely quickly. If you have a need for a water testing solution, get in touch with us. Let us know what you are interested in testing. Let’s see how we can help each other.


How valuable is your time

September 19TH, 2018

Sampling metals in water does not need to be expensive and untimely! On-Target cards enable you to get your water test results in minutes!

World Water Monitoring Day Access Sensor Tech.png

wondering if your water is clean?

September 18TH, 2018

Water is essential to life, that is why at Access Sensor Technologies we work hard every day to develop technology to make water monitoring accessible to everyone. Please take a moment this #WorldWaterMonitoringDay to see how our team is improving water monitoring technology.

UPAS holster

Hold on tight

September 17TH, 2018

No more hauling around big, heavy, distracting, expensive air sampling equipment. Access Sensor Technologies’ UPAS makes air sampling simple by providing significant decreases in sound, weight, size, and total cost of ownership. Check out the UPAS today to make your sampling simple.

20180914 Fluorescence Friday.png

Fluorescence Friday

September 14TH, 2018

Check out our 3D printed phosphorescent gnome hanging out with our new On-Target™ phosphate test cards this #FluorescenceFriday!

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Thank you AIHA

September 12TH, 2018

Thank you to American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) / AIHA - Rocky Mountain Section! We had a great time at the conference this year! 

20180911 AIHA Conference.jpg


September 11TH, 2018

Very excited to have a booth at the American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) / AIHA - Rocky Mountain Section conference in Arvada, Colorado today! If you want to see the latest and greatest in water and air sampling technology, stop on by and meet the Access Sensor Technologies' team! Thomas Reilly, Mark Schleiger, and Mollie Phillips are standing by to answer your questions!


AIHA Conference

September 11TH-12TH, 2018

The AIHA Conference is this week and we are excited! Don’t forget to stop by our booth ato learn more about how Access Sensor Technologies makes industrial hygienist’s jobs easier by making sampling simple.

Welding Picture.jpg

UPAS at the aiha conference

September 11TH-12TH, 2018

The UPAS makes industrial hygienist’s jobs much easier by creating a way to sample air in a simple and less obtrusive way. Come check it out at our booth at the AIHA conference!



AIHA conference Arvada, Colorado

September 11TH-12TH, 2018

We hope to see you at the AIHA Conference this month in Arvada, Colorado where industrial hygienists will be gathering to learn about improving safety and exposure in the workplace. We will be hosting a booth and showing off our innovative technologies that make sampling simple. Come stop by, we would love to meet you! Let us know if you will be there so we can connect!


meet tom and dan at the ises-isee annual meeting in Ottawa, canada

AUGUST 26TH-30TH, 2018

The ISES-ISEE Joint Annual Meeting starts in just a few short days and we are excited! Stop by our booth to meet Dr. Thomas Reilly and Daniel Miller-Lionberg to learn more about how Access Sensor Technologies has made sampling simple for epidemiologists! Are you ready for the revolution?


ISES-ISEE Annual meeting 

AUGUST 26TH-30TH, 2018

The Joint Annual Meeting of the International Society of Exposure Science and the International Society for Environmental Epidemiology (ISES-ISEE 2018) will bring together scientific experts and practitioners from academia, government, industry, and non-governmental organizations dedicated to the protection of health and environment. Exposure science and environmental epidemiology are dynamic fields that:

  • Develop and apply traditional and innovative methods for assessing exposures to environmental stressors and their health effects.

  • Address exposures to a broad array of environmental stressors as well as factors that contribute to or mitigate exposure.

  • Elucidate potential health effects from environmental stressors during the life cycle including outcomes from in utero development to death.

  • Promote interdisciplinary approaches to solving complex environmental public health problems.

The ISES-ISEE 2018 Joint Annual Meeting theme is “Addressing Complex Local and Global Issues in Environmental Exposure and Health.”

As the capital city of Canada, Ottawa is home to diverse and active community of scientists and policy makers engaged in local and global environmental exposure and health research. The ISES-ISEE 2018 Joint Annual Meeting will be inclusive to delegates from around the world, and will leverage local and international expertise to address complex local and global topics relevant to exposure science and environmental epidemiology.



Access Sensor Technologies makes on-site water testing and data logging a breeze with our On-Target analysis app that runs on a phone, tablet, or laptop. Simply dip the On-Target test card into the water, wait 5 minutes, and take a picture with the app for instant quantification of any of the metals in our expanding test library!




Our Youtube channel is meant for online support. Access Sensor Technology is founded on the idea that Sampling Should Be Simple. Due to that we aspire to have everything else be simple as well. Our Youtube channel holds information on both the Ultrasonic Personal Air Sampler (the UPAS ) and our On-Target Test Cards (Copper, Iron, and Zinc). Everything has been broken down for you to find what you need. The UPAS is broken down into process specific videos, allowing for time to be managed properly. On-Target card video are available to watch as well. 

Please Contact Us if you have any further questions, or concerns. 



In just the past few years, our UPAS and On-Target technologies have been utilized across the United States and at many diverse locations around the world. Our UPAS air sampling technology has been deployed in 20 countries, and our On-Target water testing technology has already been to 5 countries. The entire Access Sensor Technologies team would like to thank all of our early adopters and customers for helping make these innovative technologies a success!

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