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We noticed it was a bit hazy the other day so we thought we’d set up our ASPEN air sampling box from Phase I of our NOAA grant. Within a couple of minutes we had the system setup and logging data. Using the integrated real time light scattering sensor we noticed a higher than average PM2.5 concentration around midday. Those 30-40(ug/m3) concentrations correspond to a moderate respiratory risk. The National Ambient Air Quality Standard (NAAQS) is 35 ug/m3, so even on a hazy day for Fort Collins we still manage to stay within the NAAQS.

All this simple air sampling sure makes us excited for Phase II of our NOAA Project. Stay tuned for updates!

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New Team Members!

The Access Sensor Technologies team is super excited to welcome our newest members!

Spring 2019

Spring 2019

Upcoming paper

Stay tuned for Access Sensor Technologies' upcoming paper describing how On-Target® Test Kits can be used to analyze heavy metals in soil!

Soil testing using On-Target® Test Kits near Fort Collins, Colorado.

Soil testing using On-Target® Test Kits near Fort Collins, Colorado.

On-Target Water Testing near Idaho Springs, Colorado

Last week, Dr. Josephine Hofstetter and Kai Fuller visited the laboratory of a water treatment facility near Idaho Springs, Colorado to demonstrate how Access Sensor Technologies’ On-Target® Manganese Test Kit can be used to monitor water. Let’s start a conversation if you have a water monitoring process that needs to be streamlined. We can custom fit our On-Target® technologies to solve almost any water monitoring application.

On-Target® Water Testing near Idaho Springs, Colorado.

On-Target® Water Testing near Idaho Springs, Colorado.

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Visit us at aihce - booth 1826

Excitement is building for AIHceEXP 2019 in Minneapolis, MN! Swing by booth 1826 to check out the UPAS, the best wearable air sampler available!

aihce exp 2019

Excitement is building for AIHceEXP 2019 in Minneapolis, MN! Swing by booth 1826 to check out the UPAS, the best wearable air sampler available!

Rams Without Borders

Rams Without Borders chose to use On-Target® Chlorine Tests for their philanthropic work in Las Cribas, El Salvador. The On-Target® tests were used to ensure the solar powered chlorination system the engineers had installed was working properly for the village. On-Target® tests are portable, fast, accurate, and easy-to-use making them the ideal tool for water testing. Our team would like to thank Rams Without Borders for the awesome work that they are doing!

csu Demo Day 2019

Visit Access Sensor Technologies at CSU Demo Day! The event is hosted by CSU Ventures and happens on Tuesday, April 23rd at the Lory Student Center on Colorado State University’s main campus. The latest and greatest innovations from Northern Colorado’s tech industry and academia will be on display during this free event!

AIHAce exp 2019

Check us out at the #AIHAce EXP. Find us at booth #1826.

For 79 years, AIHA’s annual conference has focused on the important trends, needs, and research that impact worker health. Industry suppliers have joined in this yearly experience, adding new technologies, training, and connections that make IH/OH professionals more efficient in their pursuit of protecting worker health.

Every year, the American Industrial Hygiene Conference and Expo (AIHce EXP) is the premiere destination for thousands of IH/OH professionals, including industrial hygienists, EHS specialists, safety, and risk management professionals, all of whom are responsible for the safety, health, and environment of today’s workspaces.

On-Target® water testing kits for chlorine now available!

Chlorine, we’re coming for you! Head over to Amazon and make your purchase!


Any true fan of Moscow Mules will argue that the drink needs to be served in a copper mug. But just how much of the copper from that special mug leaches into the drink? And how much copper is dangerous for a person to consume? The Access Sensor Technologies’ team did some digging, and this is what we found out.

First, why is the Moscow Mule drink served in a copper mug? We won’t go into detail here, but a good description of the history of the drink and why it is served in a copper mug can be found at this link,

Image of the On-Target® copper testing card used to measure the copper concentration in the residue of a Moscow Mule.

Image of the On-Target® copper testing card used to measure the copper concentration in the residue of a Moscow Mule.

Next, how much copper is safe for us to consume? Well, like for every chemical, the dose makes the poison. Copper is actually a necessary component for multiple enzymes in the human body. The Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) for adults is around 1.0 – 1.5 mg per day, and is less for infants. The EPA has an action level for drinking water at 1.3 mg/L, also reported as 1.3 parts-per-million, or ppm for short

So are Moscow Mules unhealthy from a dissolved copper standpoint? The answer depends on who you ask. There have been recent news articles claiming that Moscow Mules could contain toxic levels of copper, and news articles that report claims of Moscow Mules being dangerous are just “chemophobic fear-mongering” It is true that acidic beverages in contact with solid metallic copper do start to dissolve the metal into solution, and it is true that the components of a Moscow Mule would make the drink acidic, so being inquisitive chemists, we had to investigate!

Our sample was the residual fluid (~1 mL) in a Moscow Mule mug that had been sitting in the mug overnight for approximately 9 hours. The sample had a pH of 5 – 6 due to the acidic ingredients that go into making a Moscow Mule. We added 150 µL of the sample fluid to an On-Target® copper testing card. The results were… 55 ppm copper!

What are the conclusions? A drink containing 55 ppm of copper would be dangerous to drink in large quantities, however, the initial sample volume was only ~1 mL which would equate to a total of ~0.05 mg of copper which is still well below the RDA value for copper. Moscow Mules are an acidic drink that will begin to dissolve copper into solution if contained in a copper mug. The results of our On-Target® copper test confirmed this, but does this make Moscow Mules unsafe to drink? Our answer is probably not. Unless you have a sensitivity to copper, or are an infant, you can probably continue to enjoy Moscow Mules in moderation. We do however strongly recommend not storing food or drinks in copper containers over long periods of time, as the dissolved copper concentration would likely continue to increase.  Remember, our sample was taken after the remainder of the drink had been sitting at room temperature over many hours. The concentration of dissolved copper in a freshly made Moscow Mule is likely much lower, although we are looking for volunteers who are fans of the drink to test this for us! Thanks to one our biggest fans for submitting the Moscow Mule sample and thank you for reading!

Facts about Cadmium:

1) Cadmium is naturally occurring and can be found in small quantities in the Earth’s crust.

2) The most common uses for cadmium include batteries and electroplating, but cadmium is also used in some solar panels, televisions, pigments, and nuclear reactors.

3) Cadmium is highly toxic to humans and animals.

If you are interested in testing water or an industrial process for cadmium, check out the new On-Target® Cadmium water testing kits now available on Amazon. Check out On-Target® Cadmium tests on Amazon here!

Have you heard about our new Manganese Card?

Manganese, a vital element in manufacturing, biology, and chemistry, is the latest analyte to be added to our suite of On-Target® water tests.

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Trademark UPDATE

On-Target® is an officially registered trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office!

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New On-target® cards!

Access Sensor Technologies has been working on creating cards that meet your testing needs. Check out the new On-Target® Manganese cards! Email to become a beta tester.

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Happy Holidays from access sensor technologies!

The future of air sampling networks

Access Sensor Technologies (AST) worked with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to deploy a network of Air Sampling Stations in Fort Collins, CO. The goal of this project was to address existing challenges with low-cost (<$200) aerosol sensors that operate on the principle of light-scattering nephelometry. These low-cost sensors, which have become widespread over the past decade, need a reference monitor because the data quality provided by these sensors is often unknown and time-variant. Current reference monitors, known as Federal Equivalence Monitors (FEM), are bulky and expensive. The goal is be able to use our less expensive and portable Ultrasonic Personal Air Sampler (UPAS) as a reference monitor in low cost sensor networks. To test our UPAS against the gold standard FEMs, we designed and built self-powered outdoor aerosol sampling boxes that integrate our UPAS with low-cost light scattering devices. We deployed an array of these boxes throughout Fort Collins, and several of the boxes were installed next to FEMs. Throughout the six-week deployment we collected over 500 filter samples and logged nearly 15,000 hours of light scattering aerosol data.  Following data analysis, we will know if the UPAS can be used as a versatile, less expensive, calibration tool within a low-cost sensor network. Thanks to NOAA, Colorado State University, and the City of Fort Collins for helping with this project!

tap water testing

Old house? New house? The concentration of metals and other contaminants present in your home’s plumbing can change over time. Just because a house is brand new doesn’t necessarily mean the water coming from the tap is safer. Often new houses with copper plumbing can have higher concentrations of dissolved copper in the tap water since it takes time for a protective coating to form on the inside of new pipes. Older houses can also have metals from various sources present in the tap water as the plumbing begins to degrade over long periods of time. Tap water collected from an old house in Loveland, Colorado be seen in the bottle to the left. This water was collected from a rarely used basement tap in a house that is sixty years old. The water has a brown tint because it had been sitting in pipe for an extended period. Access Sensor Technologies’ On-Target® Water Testing Kits revealed that this discolored tap water had concentrations of 1 ppm copper and almost 10 ppm zinc. This test is a good reminder to test your tap water for metals if it is discolored or has an off-taste. Thanks to Julie and David for sharing their On-Target® water testing results!


Access Sensor Technologies’ On-Target® Water Testing Kits are now easy to order on Amazon!

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200,000+ hours of air sampling over the last 18 months in 20 countries around the world. Contact Access Sensor Technologies today to learn how the UPAS can revolutionize your air sampling projects.

Thanks to all of our wonderful customers who have trusted the UPAS for their work!

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Happy thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving from the Access Sensor Technology team!

Top Row, Left to Right: Location of Villa El Salvador, Peru. A large plastic barrel that is used for water storage that was one of the sampling locations. A sink used for cooking and cleaning that was another water sampling location.  Bottom Row, Left to Right: A photograph of the Villa El Salvador trip.  On-Target® Water Testing Kits in action. A On-Target® test card used for quantifying dissolved copper in water.

Top Row, Left to Right: Location of Villa El Salvador, Peru. A large plastic barrel that is used for water storage that was one of the sampling locations. A sink used for cooking and cleaning that was another water sampling location.

Bottom Row, Left to Right: A photograph of the Villa El Salvador trip. On-Target® Water Testing Kitsin action. A On-Target® test card used for quantifying dissolved copper in water.

On-Target water testing in Peru

This summer, Hana O-Hagan, a student at Creighton University, traveled to Villa El Salvador, Peruto test water quality at various locations in the community. Access Sensor Technologiesdonated On-Target® Water Testing Kitsto Creighton so that Hana would have a portable, easy-to-use test she could use at the sampling location. Hana used On-Target® Water Testing Kitsto analyze water that was used for cooking, drinking, and cleaning at 23 locations in the village. Hana was investigating to see if any of these water sources were contaminated with toxic metals. Back in the United States, Hana will use atomic absorption spectroscopy on the same water samples to see how laboratory data compares to the On-Target® results from the sampling locations. Our team at Access Sensor Technologies would like to offer a huge thanks to Hana, Dr. Erin Gross, and Creighton University for the amazing work they do in Peru, and for allowing us to be involved with such a great project! We will provide an update on the exciting work that Hana is finishing up soon! Some images from Hana’s trip can be seen below. 

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NOAA Project

Access Sensor Technologies is working with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to deploy a network of Air Sampling Stations in Fort Collins, CO. Through this project, we aim to test and validate a calibration solution for low cost light scattering sensors that have been making way into aerosols research and citizen science.


Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween from the Team at Access Sensor Technologies! Let us brew up something magical to simplify your sampling!  Contact us today to learn how we can help make your sampling needs less spooky! 

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crawl on over to our youtube!

On-Target® cards. A fast, easy, and inexpensive method of sampling water.

For more on the On-Target® cards click below!


Dirt + New Prototype + On-Target™ = Remote Results FAST.

OCT 10TH, 2018

Access Sensor Technologies has built functional prototypes of a tool that can extract heavy metals from soil samples in the field. These extracts can then be analyzed using our On-Target™ technology. We are currently field testing these prototypes in the mountains of Southern Colorado. For more info, contact us at

Mark Schleiger  PMI Mile High Professional Development Workshop.jpg

Workshop with the CEO

OCT 4TH, 2018

Mark Schleiger, CEO at Access Sensor Technologies, spoke at a professional development workshop last weekend at the Ranch. Mark shared some of his tools and concepts on how to create a successful startup based on his extensive experience. Thank you PMI Mile Hi Chapter for hosting this great event! More info can be found at

YouTube Update

OCT 2ND, 2018

Check out the latest YouTube video from Access Sensor Technologies on how to clean UPAS cartridges:

Our team strives to always put our customers first, so please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our products.

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Winter Air Dangers

October 1ST, 2018

Did you know that PM2.5 levels are generally higher during the winter months? Stay educated on the air that you are breathing this winter with the UPAS.

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What the eye doesn’t see

September 28TH, 2018

Invisible fluorescent Ink is handy for leaving secret messages or combating counterfeit money. At Access Sensor Technologies, we use custom invisible inks for QC and tracking purposes of our On-Target® technology. Happy #FluorescenceFriday!


Simple air pollutant testing

September 26TH, 2018

Testing for air pollutants? Check out our UPAS device! It’s a modern, lightweight, quiet, and reliable unit anyone can wear.


Soil Sampling

September 25TH, 2018

Are you using cutting-edge and effective tools in your sensing work? Learn more about how your job can be easier and safer with help from Access Sensor Technologies:


Save money with on-target

September 24th, 2018

How much money would you save if you could eliminate 3rd party laboratory testing from your business’s workflows? Call us to learn how On-Target® water testing tech can dramatically reduce your testing expenses.

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What are your needs?

September 21ST, 2018

Our team’s agile development practices allow us to determine feasibility, prototype, test, and deploy new water tests extremely quickly. If you have a need for a water testing solution, get in touch with us. Let us know what you are interested in testing. Let’s see how we can help each other.


How valuable is your time

September 19TH, 2018

Sampling metals in water does not need to be expensive and untimely! On-Target® cards enable you to get your water test results in minutes!

World Water Monitoring Day Access Sensor Tech.png

wondering if your water is clean?

September 18TH, 2018

Water is essential to life, that is why at Access Sensor Technologies we work hard every day to develop technology to make water monitoring accessible to everyone. Please take a moment this #WorldWaterMonitoringDay to see how our team is improving water monitoring technology.

UPAS holster

Hold on tight

September 17TH, 2018

No more hauling around big, heavy, distracting, expensive air sampling equipment. Access Sensor Technologies’ UPAS makes air sampling simple by providing significant decreases in sound, weight, size, and total cost of ownership. Check out the UPAS today to make your sampling simple.

20180914 Fluorescence Friday.png

Fluorescence Friday

September 14TH, 2018

Check out our 3D printed phosphorescent gnome hanging out with our new On-Target® phosphate test cards this #FluorescenceFriday!

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Thank you AIHA

September 12TH, 2018

Thank you to American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) / AIHA - Rocky Mountain Section! We had a great time at the conference this year! 

20180911 AIHA Conference.jpg


September 11TH, 2018

Very excited to have a booth at the American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) / AIHA - Rocky Mountain Section conference in Arvada, Colorado today! If you want to see the latest and greatest in water and air sampling technology, stop on by and meet the Access Sensor Technologies' team! Thomas Reilly, Mark Schleiger, and Mollie Phillips are standing by to answer your questions!


AIHA Conference

September 11TH-12TH, 2018

The AIHA Conference is this week and we are excited! Don’t forget to stop by our booth ato learn more about how Access Sensor Technologies makes industrial hygienist’s jobs easier by making sampling simple.

Welding Picture.jpg

UPAS at the aiha conference

September 11TH-12TH, 2018

The UPAS makes industrial hygienist’s jobs much easier by creating a way to sample air in a simple and less obtrusive way. Come check it out at our booth at the AIHA conference!



AIHA conference Arvada, Colorado

September 11TH-12TH, 2018

We hope to see you at the AIHA Conference this month in Arvada, Colorado where industrial hygienists will be gathering to learn about improving safety and exposure in the workplace. We will be hosting a booth and showing off our innovative technologies that make sampling simple. Come stop by, we would love to meet you! Let us know if you will be there so we can connect!


meet tom and dan at the ises-isee annual meeting in Ottawa, canada

AUGUST 26TH-30TH, 2018

The ISES-ISEE Joint Annual Meeting starts in just a few short days and we are excited! Stop by our booth to meet Dr. Thomas Reilly and Daniel Miller-Lionberg to learn more about how Access Sensor Technologies has made sampling simple for epidemiologists! Are you ready for the revolution?


ISES-ISEE Annual meeting 

AUGUST 26TH-30TH, 2018

The Joint Annual Meeting of the International Society of Exposure Science and the International Society for Environmental Epidemiology (ISES-ISEE 2018) will bring together scientific experts and practitioners from academia, government, industry, and non-governmental organizations dedicated to the protection of health and environment. Exposure science and environmental epidemiology are dynamic fields that:

  • Develop and apply traditional and innovative methods for assessing exposures to environmental stressors and their health effects.

  • Address exposures to a broad array of environmental stressors as well as factors that contribute to or mitigate exposure.

  • Elucidate potential health effects from environmental stressors during the life cycle including outcomes from in utero development to death.

  • Promote interdisciplinary approaches to solving complex environmental public health problems.

The ISES-ISEE 2018 Joint Annual Meeting theme is “Addressing Complex Local and Global Issues in Environmental Exposure and Health.”

As the capital city of Canada, Ottawa is home to diverse and active community of scientists and policy makers engaged in local and global environmental exposure and health research. The ISES-ISEE 2018 Joint Annual Meeting will be inclusive to delegates from around the world, and will leverage local and international expertise to address complex local and global topics relevant to exposure science and environmental epidemiology.



Access Sensor Technologies makes on-site water testing and data logging a breeze with our On-Target® analysis app that runs on a phone, tablet, or laptop. Simply dip the On-Target® test card into the water, wait 5 minutes, and take a picture with the app for instant quantification of any of the metals in our expanding test library!




Our Youtube channel is meant for online support. Access Sensor Technology is founded on the idea that Sampling Should Be Simple. Due to that we aspire to have everything else be simple as well. Our Youtube channel holds information on both the Ultrasonic Personal Air Sampler (the UPAS ) and our On-Target Test Cards (Copper, Iron, and Zinc). Everything has been broken down for you to find what you need. The UPAS is broken down into process specific videos, allowing for time to be managed properly. On-Target card video are available to watch as well. 

Please Contact Us if you have any further questions, or concerns. 



In just the past few years, our UPAS and On-Target® technologies have been utilized across the United States and at many diverse locations around the world. Our UPAS air sampling technology has been deployed in 20 countries, and our On-Target® water testing technology has already been to 5 countries. The entire Access Sensor Technologies team would like to thank all of our early adopters and customers for helping make these innovative technologies a success!