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On-Target® Water Testing Kits

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Water Chemistry 

On-Target® Water Testing Kits


  • Immediate results

  • Enables quick decision making

  • Portable

  • Cost effective

  • On site testing

  • Multiple analytes

  • Quantitative

n order to make our water testing technology easier for our customers to order, the technology is now listed on Amazon. For bulk pricing on On-Target® test kits please contact us for a quote.

On-Target® water testing cards are the cutting-edge of water test strip technology developed by Access Sensor Technologies.

The On-Target® technology was designed around a great user experience while still offering highly-accurate reliable test results. The On-Target® technology takes advantage of colorimetric chemistries that, when exposed to a specific analyte, form an easily visible color change. Other metal test kits on the market rely on determining the faint hue of a color change, which can be difficult for the user to interpret. To solve this problem, On-Target® technology takes this color changing chemistry even further and instead, the user simply measures the diameter of the color change circle that forms. This makes the testing more quantitative and removes the variability between multiple users reading the same sample. There is also a companion phone app that makes analyzing On-Target® cards and logging test data a breeze! 

On-Target® cards are as simple as it gets! People of diverse scientific and water testing backgrounds can obtain reliable results in minutes, without training. The compact On-Target® design makes them ideal for transportation into the field for on-site testing and their robust chemicals make them easy to store long term.

The results obtained from the On-Target® technology are agreeable with results from “gold standard” methods including flame atomic absorption spectroscopy and inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry.

Currently, we have commercially available test cards to determine the concentrations of copper, iron, zinc, cadmium and manganese in water. We have also developed On-Target® tests that quantify other analytes in water including Cr, Pb, Al, phosphate, and others that will be commercially available soon!

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Step 1:

Submerge card for ~ 5 minutes.

IMG_3957 (2).png

Step 2:

Remove card and read results.

IMG_3947 (1).png


Quick results! Our app allows you to see and record your results on site!

The On-Target® App can be used on a computer or smartphone, for in-lab or on-site testing!

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