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On-Target® Water Testing Kits Now Available on Amazon

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In order to make our water testing technology easier for our customers to order, the technology is now listed on Amazon. For bulk pricing on On-Target® test kits please contact us for a quote. 

UPAS - Ultrasonic Personal Air Sampler

Access Sensor Technologies presents The UPAS. A filter based, size-selective particulate air sampling device that is designed with the user and application in mind. The UPAS’s light weight, small size, and quiet operation is cutting edge while still offering a reliable device at an economical price point. 

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New Manganese On-Target® Cards

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Did you know…

The UPAS has collected over 200,000 plus hours of sampling in 20 countries over the last 18 months. Click below to learn more about how the UPAS can revolutionize your sampling.



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Our products shed light on pollutant exposure in air, water, soil, and food to make people and communities safer and businesses more successful. We strongly believe that environmental diagnostics should be readily available and that is why Access Sensor Technologies continues to develop innovative diagnostic tools that are accessible for all.






Ultrasonic personal air sampler - Upas

A new paradigm to air sampling. Enabling researchers and industrial hygienists to monitor particulates in a work environment and perform fixed measurements in one device. 

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On-Target® Water testing kits

Designed to cut out the middle man. No more sending off water samples and waiting. Instead, test on site and get results quick! These cards may look simple but have proven to be extremely accurate!


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Access Sensor Technologies is proud to announce that in just the past few years, our UPAS and On-Target® sampling technologies have been utilized across the United States and at many diverse locations around the world. Our UPAS air sampling technology has been deployed in 20 countries, and our On-Target® water testing technology has already been used in 5 countries. 



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