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Education/ FAQ’s

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Education kits are here!

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Educational Kits:

We are pleased to announce that we will be introducing new educational On-Target® kits. These kits will be easy to use whether you are in a classroom or at home, and most of all they will be fun! Your child will have the opportunity to research like a scientist and discover what’s in their local water. For more information about ordering kits please contact us via email at or 970-818-7520.


On-Target® Card Video

In case you might have some questions about the cards, we designed a fun video to help understand why we should all test our local water.

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FAQ’s about the test kits and cards:

My card doesn’t change color.

The cards are designed to change color when a certain metal is present at a detectable concentration. The card will change color when a metal concentration of 0.5ppm or above is present. If the card does not change color that means that there is less than 0.5ppm or none of the particular metal.

My card changed a color other than what the pack indicated it should change.

There can be many reasons that a card could change colors other than what the pack indicated it should change. It’s not unexpected that a different color can form, it just means that there is another metal present that also reacts with the colorimetric on the card. We would love to assist you and provide you with suggestions and resources to help you figure out what is in your water sample. If this should occur please email our team at with a picture then we can get this to our chemistry team for a detailed response.

What does the kit come with?

  • 2 tests cards for 4 different types of cards (manganese, iron, zinc, copper) you can purchase additional cards on Amazon!

  • 1 work book (comes with directions, activities and so much more!)

  • 1 pair of safety glasses

  • 1 pair of nitrile gloves

  • 1 packet of stickers

Where’s the best place to get my water sample from?

Great question! There is no right or wrong answer here. We want you to be able to explore your environment and test what you want. We do have some suggestions on which water we think would provide you with the best samples to see color changes on your cards. These include naturally occurring water sources such as rivers, lakes, and streams. Home water is usually purified for drinking already and likely to show a lower level of metal concentration. Lower levels, especially those with metal concentrations under 0.5ppm will most likely not show any color changes on the cards.

How does the card work?

The On-Target® test cards are devices with chemicals printed onto chromatography paper meant for detection of metals. They are laminated with a hole in the center for a water sample to wick through the card, reacting with the chemical on the paper as it flows. If there is a color change when the water is done flowing through the card, then metal is present in your sample. All you have to do is measure with a ruler and compare to the concentration in the tables provided. It’s that easy!

Are the cards and the chemicals toxic or harmful?

Don’t worry safety is very important to us. The materials and cards are safe as long as you use them as directed. We do have some important safety considerations and tips as well:

When using the On-Target® test cards, always wear the provided safety glasses and gloves. If used as directed, the cards are completely safe for use by people of all ages. However, when using the cards, AVOID:

·     Consuming any parts of this kit.

·     Drinking the water sample at any point during testing.

·     Disassembling the cards or any contents within the kit.

Where can I get more cards?

If you are interested in buying more packs of cards and already have the kit, you can purchases packs of cards through Amazon.

What other experiments can I do?

Our goal is to help further your scientific exploration in fun and easy ways at home, we have added in a few extra experiment ideas we think you might like!

Experiment #1: Investigating your dirt

Investigate your soil for iron using water and vinegar to see which one will show a response on the iron On-Target® card.

Tip: mix a scoop of soil with ½ cup of vinegar, let sit for 2 hours, then just test like you did on the cards in the experiment kit! Does the same thing happen if you soak it in water? Why are your results different for vinegar vs. water?

 Experiment #2: What’s in vegetables?

Test some vegetables for different metals by soaking them in vinegar! Which ones will have copper, iron, zinc, or manganese?

Tip: tear up some vegetables, mix with ½ cup of vinegar, let sit for 2 hours, then just test like you did on the cards in the experiment kit.

 Experiment #3:

Test your water samples every week for a month to see how the metal concentrations change!

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