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Air Sampling


Air Sampling

UPAS - Ultrasonic Personal Air Sampler


Access Sensor Technologies' UPAS has enabled air sampling to become a simple process. Our air sampler allows subjects more comfort with gold standard quality data collection.

The UPAS provides a new paradigm of streamline, low-cost exposure assessment for indoor air particulates. The UPAS is a self-contained filter-integrated sampler featuring valve-less ultrasonic pumping technology.

This technology provides substantial reductions in size, weight, noise, and cost along with increased durability over traditional sampling equipment. The UPAS is silent and light enough to be worn in the subject's 'breathing zone'.

Additionally, the hassle free tubeless design uses a fully integrated filter cartridge that is easy for the subject to wear while performing daily activities. The UPAS can be quickly programmed from any tablet or phone to fit the users’ needs across various applications while providing a rich data stream from each sample.

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  • Integrated size selective inlets

  • 35+ hour of battery life

  • GPS tracking

  • Wireless connectivity


At the bottom of the UPAS body, there is a threaded insert that allows for the UPAS to not only be used for personal air pollution testing but also to measure particulate matter as a fixed measurement. 

AST the ultrasonic personal air sampler can be mounted on a tripod for stationary air sampling in a fixed location.png

Simple  Form Factor

Simple Form Factor

Integrated,  Simple  Design

Integrated, Simple Design

Simple  Filter Replacement

Simple Filter Replacement